Personal stories of growth at Eckerd College

Eckerd College has been transforming lives for 50 years, and, not surprisingly, many of the people whose lives have been touched by Eckerd, have poignant, inspiring and remarkable stories to tell about the experience.

This section of the 50th site is devoted to those stories. Please join alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of Eckerd College by submitting a Transformations essay. Think about an event at Eckerd that had a powerful or lasting influence on you. Reflect on why it was significant. Turn your reminiscence into a story that is specific, succinct, yet detailed. Describe when and where the experience happened, who was involved, what took place and how it turned out. Be personal by writing in your own voice, in first person. Submit your essay of 200350 words via e-mail to Cathy McCoy '71, College Archivist, at

Transformations Essays

December 2008

From a transcription of Professor Emeritus Wilbur's Amateurs Talk
Professor Emeritus William C. Wilbur

October 2008

My Rear View Mirror Reflections
Harry K. Singletary, Jr., Class of 1968

A Solid Foundation
Aliye Runyan, Class of 2005

September 2008

Eckerd College Comes to the Rescue
Johnny Boykins, Class of 2008

Discovering Who I Was Meant To Be
Charlie Stripling, Class of 1968

August 2008

It's not the same 'SAGA'
Christa Exter, Class of 1991

Transformation and Peer Pressure
Charlie Stripling, Class of 1968

April 2008

Walter Enloe, PhD ('71), Professor of Human Studies: Education and Liberal Arts, Hamline University

February 2008

An Eckerd Soccer Memory
Thomas Donald Phillips, Class of 1969

A Change of Tune
Carolyn Horton Hall, Class of 1964

They'll never stop you from learning
David Glass, Class of 1971

Reflections on the professional life of Robert C. Meacham, Ph. D.
Laura Meacham Keane, Class of 1983

A letter from Don Mathis
Submitted by Bryan Lee, Class of 1998

January 2008

An "Eckerd Story"
Joanna Petsalis

Academics, campus-wide community celebration, and my passions
Molly Rockamann, Class of 2003

A dream takes seed
by Angela Masterson Jones

A Wilderness Transformed
by Wilmer LaBrant, Class of 1964

How special it is
by Nancy Janus, Associate Professor of Human Development

December 2007

What's the most interesting Thing that's happened to you Today?
by Darcy McCullom Scarborough, Class of 1994

Experiences with the Program for Experienced Learners
by Regenia E. Williams, Class of 2004